Interesting Facts


As of August 1, 2011


Here are some interesting facts I’ve discovered about the family by analyzing my genealogical database of 39,689 individuals.  I thought some of you might enjoy reading this.



            Males:            19,905

            Females:          19,784



            White:            38,523

            Non-White:        1,166



Whis.... data only


Françoise Visinand: 19,661 direct line descendants.


      Francoise is a great-grandson of Guillaume Visinand.



Whis... Surnames:


      All Whis....:     18,049      males: 10,058      females: 7,991

      Whisenhunt/hant:  5,125       males: 2,927      females: 2,198

      Whisenant:        5,890       males: 3,210      females: 2,680

      Whisonant:        683         males: 384        females: 299

      Whisnant:         4,374       males: 2,405      females: 1,969

      Whisnand:         243         males: 133        females: 110

      Whisenand:        692         males: 381        females: 311

      Whisennand:       188         males: 108        females: 80

      Hunt:             627         males: 349        females: 278

      Other Spelling:   227         males: 161        females: 66


Longest lived family members:


      Male:       Boyd Ernest Whisnant, age 102

      Female:     Minnie Whisnant, age 105 (black)


Whis... with the most offspring:


      Male:       Henry Whisenhunt, Number of children: 16

                        Boys:       10

                        Girls:      6


      Male:       Henry Allen Whisenand, Number of children: 16

                        Boys:       8

                        Girls:      8


      Female:     Maria Madgalena Whisenhunt Whitener, Number of chldren: 15

                        Boys:       6

                        Girls:      9


Whis... married the most number of times:


      Male:       Billy Ray Whisneant, 6 times

      Male:       Edgar Barns Whisenant Jr., 6 times

      Male:       Lewis Howard Whisnant, 6 times

      Male:       Thomas Sidney Whisenant, 6 times

      Female:     Rosa LuRena Whisenhunt, 6 times

      Female:     Sharyn Ann Whisenant, 6 times


It should be noted that for every category in the statistical data above, the number of females always appear to be less than the number of males. The reason for this is that my research for female Whis... family members stops with their grand-children. I track no newer generations for females. On occasion I follow a female line to the present, but I do this only for individuals I have a special interest in.

People have asked me why I don't keep track of all Whis... descendants. The answer is I just don't have the time, desire, or the resources necessary to do this. My primary objective is to track all family members with the Whis... surname. By the time you get to the grand-children of female Whis...'s their surname is no longer Whis....

Please note that I refer to all the family surnames as “Whis...”. I do this because there are so many spelling variations of the surname that I couldn't possibly mention them all here. I just refer to them all as “Whis...”.

Statistics from the Census 2000