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W.T.T.A. Addendum

This addendum is being distributed free to all members of the family who purchased my book Whisnants Through The Ages. Any comments should be directed to: Raymond C. Whisnant.

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Recent Marriages

  • Angela Kay Powell, (Family 1982i), married Kevin Wade Clark, 6 Jun 1992, in Morganton, Burke Co., NC. Kevin is the son of Mr. Alton Clark.
  • Tony Jay Whisenant, (Family 1927i) married Anne Styers Harbison, 24 Oct 1992. She is the daughter of Charles Robert Harbison Sr.

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Our Lost Relations

Some of you have been wondering who the families are on pages 363 to 400 of W.T.T.A. As I said on page 363, these are families which I hadn't been able to connect into the family tree prior to the book's publication deadline. The earliest known progenitor of each family is listed on page 363, followed by the page number where that family starts.

If anyone out there knows the connections of any of the people on page 363, please let me know. I'm sure there are others who are as interested as I am in the identity of these relatives.

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Photos from newsletter

  • William H. & Mary E. Whisenant, Family 442

Courtesy: Edith Carter, Hollis, OK

  • Gilford M. Whisenhunt, Family 1142
  • Boggus J. Whisenhunt, Family 1138
  • (Person in the middle is unknown.)
  • Courtesy: Nina J. Stewart, Checotah, OK

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    A Whisnant retires

    Ted Whisnant (Family 1245), retired in 1992 from The News Herald newspaper, in Morganton, NC, after 33 years of service. He was an ad compositor and printer. In 1985 Ted was selected as the paper's first recipient in its "Employee of the Year" program for his dedication to quality, cooperative spirit and courtesy. (Per: The News Herald, Morganton, NC, May 31, 1992.)

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    Ancestor References

    While looking through W.T.T.A., a few of you have no doubt found that some family lines don't reference to the previous ancestor. Some don't, but most of them do. For example, look at family 2339. Note that Nancy K. Whisenand is referenced to her father "Fredrick Earl Jr., family 1797". To see what I mean about missing references, take the following example: Family 2340, Marcia Lou Hall. Marcia doesn't have her ancestor referenced after her name. This is the way the computer software generated the book.

    This inconsistency has bothered some people. Unfortunately these omissions are to numerous to list in this news letter so I'm going to just tell you how to deal with this when you're looking through the book. Many of you have probably already discovered this method. When you want to find the parents of someone, when the ancestor isn't referenced after the name, as in the example of Marcia Lou Hall, you should first look up the name in the index. The index shows the page numbers where a reference to that person can be found. For example: The index shows that Marcia Lou Hall can be found on pages 292 and 344. You would go to page 292 to find her listed in her father's family 1799.

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    Bluette to visit U.S.

    Grace L. Schoner, 1707 Jumper Court, Vienna, VA 22182, wants everyone to know that she has invited Bluette Visinand (ref: W.T.T.A., page 410), of Maracon, Switzerland, for a visit in October 1993. Grace says that if anyone would like to come for an informal gathering (She figures a picnic in the park) to drop her a note and she will get back to them with information as it develops.

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    Our Swiss Connection

    The following information was given to me by James M. Whisenand, La Jolla, CA. He obtained this information during a trip to Switzerland. Your should update W.T.T.A. accordingly.

    The parents of our ancestor Francois Visinand (W.T.T.A., page 1, family 1) are as follows:

      Estienne Visinand. Born, before 1630, in Switzerland. Estienne married Andreaz Daunet, daughter of Jacques Daunet. Born, before 1630. Children:

      i. Francois "Franz" Visinand. Born, Jan 1645, in Maracon, Lausanne, Swiss canton of Vaud. Baptism: 26 Jan 1645, in Corsier, Swiss canton of Vaud.

        Francois married, first, Jeanne Ramus, daughter of David Ramus, 3 Feb 1665/6, in Corsier, Swiss canton of Vaud.

        Francois married, second, an unknown woman.

        Francois married, third, Anna, before 1684.

    (Note: The information I have on Francois' children in W.T.T.A. has not changed.)

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    W.T.T.A. Book Sales

    If you're wishing you had another copy of the book Whisnants Through The Ages, you can still purchase them while the supply lasts. The book makes a great gift to a relative or to your local library. The price is $65.00 each. (Texas residents add $5.36 sales tax.) To order, send your check or money order to: Raymond C. Whisnant, 6646 Clearhaven Circle, Dallas, TX 75248-4020.

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    Recent Deaths

    The following is a list of our cousins who have died since W.T.T.A. was published.

    • Ray Goddard Whisenand, (Family 1796), died 2 Feb 1992, in Southern Pines, NC. He was buried at Arlington National Cem., Arlington, VA.
    • Sidney Wilson Whisenant Jr., (Family 767), died 17 Apr 1992, in Burke Co., NC.
    • Edna Fay Whisnant Berry, (Family 1922), died 17 Apr 1992.
    • Sallie Mildred Whisenant Benfield, (Family 1212), died 4 May 1992, in Burke Co., NC
    • Betty Jo Brackett, (Family 1497iii), died 31 May 1992.
    • Clyde Edward Whisenant, died 25 May 1992. He was a son of Roby Evelyn Whisenant (Family 338), and Rosa C. Pritchard.
    • Glenn R. Pearson, (Family 1277i), died, 14 Jul 1992, in Caldwell Co., NC. He lived in Morganton, NC.
    • Iverson Lee "Bud" Whisenant, (Family 1289), died, 19 Jul 1992, in Glen Alpine, Burke Co., NC.
    • Ethel Barker, died ,19 Jul 1992. She was a daughter of Mattie C. Whisnant (Family 673), and Thomas J. Barker.
    • Rebecca Ann Fox, (Family 739i), died, 3 Aug 1992, in Morganton, Burke Co., NC.
    • Bill E. Lane, (W.T.T.A, family 756iv), died, 14 Aug 1992, in Ashville, NC. He resided in Morganton, NC, at the time of his death.
    • Sarah Ellen Allman Whisenant, (Family 1398, died, 27 Aug 1992, Burke Co., NC.

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    New Arrival

    Mary Jane Fillman, born 9 Sep 1992, in Zephyrhills, Pasco Co., FL, daughter of Lillian Louise Whisnant and Alfred M. Fillman Jr. (Family 1653xi.)

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    Family Gathering

    The last Whisnant family gathering I was aware of was held at Conway, Arkansas, in June 1992. I estimate there were between 150 and 200 people in attendance. They came from all across the U.S.

    Gary Whisnant, of Conway, Arkansas, has expressed an interest in having an informal gathering in Lancaster, PA, in October 1993. If you're interested, contact Gary at #2 Oakdale Drive, Conway, AR 72032. (You can also contribute to his family newsletter by sending information to his address listed above.)

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    The will of George M. Whisnant

    The following is the last will and testament of George M. Whisnant (Family 407).

      State of North Carolina

      Cleveland County, January 1st 1861

      I George Whisnant being upon a bed of affliction but of a sound mind and knowing that all men might die I do make this my last will and testament annulling and declaiming void all other here tofore made by me.

      I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Margaret Whisnant (after paying all my just debts) all my land and tenements household and kitchen furniture all my stock of horses cattle hobs and sheep. The land to remain hers during lifetime or widowhood, but if she dies without marring the land not to be sold but go to my children and equally divided among them but if she marries then she is to have a childs part of the land to her own use forever.

      I also will and bequeath to my beloved wife Margaret Whisnant my negro boy Bill so long as she can manage him. She to be the judge herself whether she can manage him or not and if she can not manage him he is sold she is to have one third of the money received for said boy for her own use. The other two thirds to go to my children if of age if not to be put at interest by their guardian and to be paid to them as they become of age or marries. I also will and bequeath all my produce: corn wheat and oats and fodder ----- wagon and harness buggy and harness and all farming tools. My notes to be collected and with that and the money I have on hand pay all my just debts. I will and appoint my beloved father David Whisnant my executor to this my last will and testament and he shall pay himself for his trouble out of my effects. In testimony where of I here unto set my hand and seal. In presence of

      George Whisnant
      E. B. Torrence
      V. J. Palmer

    (This will was given to me courtesy of Eunice "Joy" Whisnant Ferguson, of Hillsboro, OR)

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    W.T.T.A. Additions & Corrections

    Since the book Whisnants Through the Ages was published, I have received additional information. I do not have enough room here to include all the new information I've obtained. Therefore, in many cases only part of the information is included. The rest will be saved for some possible future publication. I suggest that you either make the corrections in your book, or keep this newsletter with the book for future reference.

    Family 83i, Rebecca Whisenhunt: Rebecca was not Peter's daughter. She may have been a Bell.

    Family 83ii, Josiah B. Whisenhunt: Josiah was not a son of Peter Whisenhunt. I do not currently know who his parents were.

    Family 83v, Silas Whisenhunt: Silas was not a Whisenhunt. His name was Silas McRae.

    Family 83ix, Daniel Whisenhunt: Daniel was not a Whisenhunt. His name was Daniel Bell.

    Family 83xi, William Whisenhunt: William was not a Whisenhunt. His name was William Bell.

    Family 92i, John Whisenhunt: He married Sarah Chalk, 16 Jun 1853, in Van Zandt Co., TX. Children:

    1. William Whisenhunt. Born, circa 1855, in TX.
    2. John Whisenhunt. Born, circa 1857, in TX.

    Family 92v, Barbary A. Whisenhunt: She married Joseph M. James.

    Family 92vii, George Michael Whisenhunt: He married Nancy Jane Moore, 10 Mar 1864. Children:

    1. Henry J. Whisenhunt.
    2. Barbary A. Whisenhunt.

    Family 92viii, Noah Whisenhunt: He married, first, Nancy G. Clay, circa 1865. Divorce, circa 1878. Born, 14 Mar 1847, in AR. Died, 11 Jan 1896. Children:

    1. Susan Whisenhunt. Born, 1866, in TX.
    2. Martha Whisenhunt. Born, Sep 1870, in TX.
    3. George W. Whisenhunt. Born, 25 Jul 1872, in Van Zandt Co., TX. Died, 14 Sep 1928, in TX. He married Ida Lucy Johnson, 17 Apr 1896, in Van Zandt Co., TX. George and Ida's children are: Clara C., Essie B., Tressie Estelle, William Clyde, Leona Lovena, and George Wesley.
    4. Noah Whisenhunt. Born, 1874, in TX. Died, after 1880.

    Noah married, second, Elizabeth (?), after 1878. Elizabeth was born, circa 1849, in AR. Children:

    1. Cordelia Whisenhunt. Born, circa 1880, in TX.

    (Note: This information on the family of George Michael Whisenhunt & Susannah Collins was contributed by LaVerne Fortson Day, Mexia, TX.)

    Family 93, Peter Whisenhunt: Peter was married only to Mary (Polly) Bell. The reference to a first marriage was incorrect. I have also been told, by Billy McRae, that Mary's last name may not have been Bell.

    Family 97, Ples Adam Whisenhunt Jr: His first wife Nancy Ann Bell, was born in North Carolina, not Carroll Co., GA.

    Family 98, Noah W. Whisenhunt: Add a son named Noah Lee Whisenhunt to this family. He was incorrectly identified as a son of William Moss Whisenhunt, Family 302.

    Family 165, Peter E. Whisenant: Correct Peter's name to read "Peter Atus Whisenant".

      John Nicholas Whisenant, W.T.T.A., page 381, family 1, is believed to be a son of Peter Atus Whisenant.

    Family 160iv, William Christopher Kelly Whisenant: He married, first, Larissa M. Langston, 11 Jan 1883, in Erath Co., TX. He married, second, Mrs Fannie Summers, 4 Oct 1899, in Erath Co., TX. Continued on page 3 Continued from page 2

    Family 165ii, Adam Whisenant: Adam died on 23 Jun 1862, in Richmond, VA.

    Family 281i, James Whisenhunt: This may be James Wylie Whisenhunt shown in W.T.T.A., page 377, family 1.

    Family 288, Josiah B. Whisenhunt: Josiah is not a son of Peter Whisenhunt. I currently do not know the name of Josiah's father.

    Family 302, William Moss Whisenhunt: He had only one wife, her name was Minerva Jane Batten.

    Family 302i, Noah Lee Whisenhunt: Noah was the son of Noah W. Whisenhunt, family 98.

    Family 338, Roby Evelyn Whisenant: Roby and Rosa also had a son named Clyde Edward Whisenant, born 7 Jun 1924, died 25 May 1992.

    Family 365, Noah Alexander Whisenant: Please remove the words "Presby, Ch. Cem." from the place of death for Noah.

    Family 407ii, John M. Whisnant: He is the John M. Whisnant I have listed in the Lost Relation section of W.T.T.A., on page 380, second column.

    Family 455, Samuel B. Whisenant: He married Mary Follis. Samuel & Mary had 6 children:

    1. Arindia Pamelia Whisenant. Born, 21 Dec 1882, Died, 1 May 1892. Died, 15 Dec 1953. Burial in Erath Co., TX.
    2. Annie Whisenant. Born, 24 Apr 1884. Died, Mar 1887.
    3. Edward Whisenant. Born, 30 Oct 1885, in TX. Died, 12 Dec 1962, in Bexar Co., TX. Census in Erath Co., TX 1900 & 1920. He married Hettie Lee Parterfield, 7 Dec 1910. Born, 13 Oct 1893, in TX. Died, 19 Jul 1991, in Tarrant Co., TX.
    4. Leonard Whisenant. Born, 21 Apr 1886, Died, Sep 1887.
    5. Amanda D. Whisenant. Born, Aug 1888, in TX. Died, 25 Nov 1961, in NM. Census in Fisher Co., TX 1900.
    6. Myrtle L. Whisenant. Born, Jul 1890, in TX. Died, 25 Jun 1981. Census in Haskell Co., Tx 1910, Fisher Co., TX 1900.

    Family 457, Joseph Jacob "Jake" Whisenant: remove the children v & vi. (Arindia & Edward). They belong with family 455, Samuel B. Whisenant.

    Family 464, Jefferson W. (Barto) Whisnant: Jefferson & Amanda had another daughter named Becky. She was born before Lizzie.

    Family 464i, Lizzie Whisnant: She married P. Guy Chambers. Lizzie died 8 Apr 1983, in Jackson Co., GA.

    Family 464iii, William H. Whisnant: William's middle name was Homer.

    Family 464,iv, Isaac (U.) Whisnant: Isaac's full name was Isaac "U.V." Whisnant. He was called "U.V." He was born 6 May 1892, in Hall Co., GA. He died, 7 Jul 1981, in Richmond Co., GA. He married, 20 Nov 1910, in Jackson Co., GA, to Audie Lue Lee. They had a child named Hubert Manuel Whisnant, who was 81 yrs old in July 1992. Hubert had a son named Julius Randolph Whisnant, born, 26 Jan 1942, in Richmond Co., GA.

    Family 465i, John H. Whisenant: John married Loula H. "Lula" ? Born, Sep 1873, in GA. They had a son named Archie H. Whisenant. Born, Aug 1895, in GA.

    Family 590, John A. Whisenhunt: His middle name was Abner. His wife's name was Mary F. Mitchell. He and Mary had another daughter named Eunice Olive Whisenhunt, born 4 Mar 1919.

    Family 599, William Henry Whisenhunt: William died 20 Feb 1962, in McCurtain Co., OK. His wife, Hattie Morse, Born 20 Oct 1889, Died 28 Sep 1943. Daughter Cordelia's full name was Ruth Cordelia Whisenhunt. She was born 14 Sep 1910, died in 1972. Daughter Myrtle Whisenhunt was born 16 Nov 1920. Daughter Grace Whisenhunt was born in 1818, died in 1932.

    Family 600, Sarah Elizabeth Whisenhunt: Her son John Benjamin Kennedy, married Virginia Ella Bounds.

    Family 649, Noah Lee Whisenhunt: His is the son of Noah W. Whisenhunt, and Elizabeth Ann Ballard, Family 98.

    Family 673ii, Ethel Barker: Ethel was born 27 May 1901, died 19 Jul 1992.

    Family 731vi, Ernest "Bud" Wisenant: Ernest was born Ernest Lee Whisenant Jr. He was born on 3 Sep 1929, in Rocky Mount, NC. He died, 5 Oct 1992, in Morganton, Burke Co., NC. He was preceded in death by his wife, Lillian Weston Whisenant.

    Family 735, Rebecca Marie Whisnant: Rebecca was married, first, to Richard Leroy Benfield. Replace the line "She married, first, an unknown man. Children:" with "Children:".

    Family 811, Robert Ben Puckett: Robert died on 28 Jan 1992.

    Family 813, William Ransom Whisnant: Remove individual iv. Jerry Whisnant. This is the same person as individual ii.

    Family 890, Lloyd "Loy" P. Whisnant: His wife Minnie Caroline Abernethy, died 2 Jul 1981, in Catawba Co., NC. Replace the list of children I have for Lloyd & Minnie with the following:

    1. Everett Thomas Whisnant. Born, 23 Sep 1903, in NC. Died, 18 Feb 1966, in Roanoke, VA. He married, first, Margaret Helen Harris. He married, second, Pauline Green.
    2. Murphy Edgar "William" Whisnant. Born, 14 Feb 1906, in Catawba Co., NC. Died, 2 Jun 1986, in Ingham Co., MI. He married, first, Myrtle M. Wagner. He married, second, Reba Ann Wannamaker. He married, third, Myra K. Steadman. He married, fourth, Crystal M. Beecham.
    3. Nellie Marie Whisnant. Born, 4 Mar 1909, in Catawba Co., NC. She married, first, Hartwell E. Hutchinson. She married, second, Rudolph H. Burquist. She married, thrid, J. Russell Plow.
    4. Joe Ernest Whisnant. Born, 6 May 1925. He married Phyllis Jean Price.

    Family 946, William Henry Whisenant: He and Francis had a forth child named Mert Whisenant.

    Family 946,i, Martin L. Whisenant: He was born, 6 Oct 1902, in TX. Died, 19 Feb 1971, in Dublin, Erath Co., TX. He married Luddie Daffern.

    Family 946ii, Ona A. Whisenant: The correct name is Omarie A. Whisenant. She married Ewell Lightfoot, in 1932.

    Family 946,iii, J. J. Whisenant: He was born, 15 Dec 1911, in Dublin, Erath Co., TX. Died, 30 Aug 1984, in Temple, Bell Co., TX. He married Opal Derrick, 19 Feb 1944, in Dublin, Erath Co., TX.

    Family 950, Walter Edward Whisnant: His wife was named Emma, she was born circa 1897.

    Family 950i, Lewis Whisnant: Lewis was born in 1915.

    Family 963ii, Elmora Whisnant: I am told that she was called "Zora".

    Family 975iii, Emaline Catherine Crews: She died in Moore Co., TX, not in Oklahoma.

    Family 975iv, Henry David Crews: He died, 5 Nov 1979.

    Family 975xii, Robert Sterling Crews: He married Ollie Featherston, 5 Oct 1935.

    Family 978ii, Mildred Tucker: She married Albert Qualls, 26 Oct 1924.

    Family 978iv, Anna Tucker: She married Zelmer Qualls.

    Family 1178ii, Jesse D. Whisenhunt: His full name was Jesse Dale Whisenhunt, Born, 30 Jan 1910, Died 17 Apr 1978.

    Family 1271, Benjamin Harrison Whisnant: He is buried at Zion Bapt. Ch. Cem., Cleveland Co., NC. His second wife's full name is Bertha Mildred Fortenberry. She was born 10 Oct 1910, and currently resides in Casar, Cleveland Co., NC.

      Benjamin and Bertha had four children:

      1. Ralph Benjamin Whisnant.
      2. James Miller Whisnant.
      3. Robert Melvin Whisnant.
      4. Wanda Lilly Whisnant.

      Ralph Benjamin Whisnant, born 19 Aug 1941, in Morganton, Burke Co., NC. Resided, 1992, in Taylors, Greenville Co., SC. He married Cheryl E. Campbell, 27 Sep 1969. Children:

      1. Heather Elizabeth Whisnant. Born, 21 Oct 1971. Resided, 1992, in Chattanooga, TN. She married Jeffrey Cross, 16 Sep 1989.
      2. Lilly Alice Whisnant. Born, 11 Aug 1977.

      James Miller Whisnant, born 7 Feb 1943. Resided, 1992, in Laurel, MD. He married Pat Merson. Children:

      1. Nichole Whisnant. Born, 3 Aug 1972.

      Robert Melvin Whisnant. Born, 21 Nov 1944. Resided, 1992, in Garner, NC.

      Wanda Lilly Whisnant, born 24 Jun 1946. Resided, 1992, in Shelby, Cleveland Co., NC. She married Greg Horne. Children:

      1. Benjamin Horne. Born, 1977.
      2. Elizabeth Horne. Born, 1985.

    (Note: This additional information of the family of Benjamin Harrison Whisnant came from Ralph Benjamin Whisnant.)

    Family 1280i, Laurence Eli Whisnant: Laurence and Rosemarie had three children:

    1. Tracy Diane Whisnant. Born, 6 Jul 1972.
    2. Laura Marie Whisnant. Born, 18 Sep 1976.
    3. Ashley Elizabeth Whisnant. Born, 18 Feb 1986.

    Laurence and family resided, 1992, in Columbus, GA.

    Family 1280ii, Wanda Gay Whisnant: Wanda married, first, Robert Marlin Noell Jr. They had one child:

    1. Robin Michelle Noell. Born, 23 Oct 1973.

      Wanda married, second, James Floyd Stephens. Resided, 1992, in Columbus, GA.

    Family 1353ii, James Keith Puckett: A photo of him can be found in W.T.T.A., on page 425.

    Family 1497iii, Betty Jo Brackett: She was born 20 Sep 1932, died 31 May 1992.

    Family 1566iv, Harry J. Whisnant: He was buried in Davie Co., NC, not SC.

    Family 1619ii, Betty Lyn Whisnant: The correct spelling of her name is "Betty Lynn Whisnant".

    Family 1655, Ethel Whisnant: She was born circa 1918, in GA. Continued on page 6 Continued from page 5

    Family 1681, Elmora Whisnant: I was told that she was called "Zora".

    Family 1789i, Robert Dean Ogan: Robert and Linda have two children:

    1. Angela Kaye Ogan. Born, 1 Feb 1972.
    2. Christopher Robert Ogan. Born, 2 Feb 1973.

    Family 1789ii, Roberta Jean Ogan: Roberta and Dale have three children:

    1. Gregory Scott Schnell. Born, 5 Jan 1970. Died, 21 Aug 1986.
    2. Jeremy Lee Schnell. Born, 16 Apr 1974.
    3. Joel Alan Schnell. Born, 16 Apr 1974.

    Family 1789iii, Michael Ogan: Michael and his wife Marcia had one child:

    1. Matthew Ogan. Born, 20 Aug 1971.

      Michael's third wife, Monica, was born 8 Sep 1951.

    Family 1791ii, Daniel Joel Phillips: Daniel and Deana had one child:

    1. Joshua Phillips. Born, 5 Jul 1985.

    Family 1792i, Jeffrey Lynn Hautekeete: His wife Cindy, was born, 13 Jun 1961. Jeffrey and Cindy have two children:

    1. Michael Hautekeete. Born, 20 Mar 1986.
    2. Samantha Hautekeete. Born, 4 Jul 1987.
    3. (This information about family 1789, 1791, & 1792 was contributed by Merlene Meldrem Whisenand.)

    Family 1975, Worth Sherrill Whisnant Jr.: Worth and Frances had another daughter named Sandra Lee Whisnant, born 2 Aug 1970. Sandra married David Alexander Sisk, 22 Sep 1990.

    Family 2019, Frances Gail Puckett: A photo of her can be found in W.T.T.A., on page 425.

    Family 2049, Hazel Scott Williams: Hazel married, first, Kenneth Shuping. Hazel married, second, David Goode. (Note: Her daughter Scarlett did not marry David.)

    Family 2198, Margaret Caroline Littlejohn: I incorrectly listed Margaret as residing in Martinsburg, WV. The correct place of residence is Williamston, SC.

    Family 2282, Wensil Marsh: She was born in Little Rock, AR, not Yuma, Yuma Co., AZ.

    Family 2334, Isaac Roscoe "Ikie" Whisenand III: Isaac was born, 2 Oct 1957. (Contributed by: Merlene Meldrem Whisenand)

    Family 2459ii, Kerin Dee Whisenant: The correct name is Kevin Dee Whisenant.

    W.T.T.A., page 362, family 2524, David Carlsworth Whisnant: David and Semelia had the following children:

    1. Boyd E. Whisnant. Born, 15 May 1880, Died, Feb 1983.
    2. Earl Olan Whisnant. Born, 27 Dec 1881, Died, 6 Jun 1955.
    3. George March Whisnant. Born, 11 Sep 1886, Died, 25 May 1949.
    4. Noah G. Whisnant. Born, 29 May 1892, Died, 8 Apr 1972.

    W.T.T.A., page 377, family 1, James Wylie Whisenhunt: James is believed to be a son of Nancy Catherine "Cricket" Whisenhunt, on page 72, family 281.

    W.T.T.A., page 380, column 2, family 1, John M. Whisnant: His parents were George M. Whisnant & Margaret March. They are on page 96, family 407. John M. Whisnant, born, 15 Nov 1857, died, 12 Sep 1894. He married Elizabeth Jane Mount, born, 9 Mar 1860, died, 17 Dec 1936. They had the following children:

    1. Charles S. Whisnant, born, 5 Feb 1883, died, 1 Nov 1959
    2. Nannie Whisnant, died, 11 Dec 1962.
    3. Albert Freeman Whisnant.
    4. James Carroll Whisnant, born, 4 Sep 1889, died, 29 Dec 1969.
    5. Edgar William Whisnant, born, 4 Nov 1891, died, 6 Oct 1991.

    W.T.T.A., page 381, family 1, John Nicholas Whisenant: John is believed to be a son of Peter Atus Whisenant, page 49, family 165.

    W.T.T.A., page 398, family 8, Green William Whisenant: He married, first, Georgia V. Hines, 17 Dec 1873, in Smith Co., TX.

    W.T.T.A., page 399, family 13, William J. Whisenant: He married, second, Willie Blanch Pool, 30 Oct 1989, in Smith Co., TX.

    W.T.T.A., page 401, Adam Whisenant, (11th person from top of page): He enlisted March 18, 1862, as a Private in Co. H, 24th GA Inf. He died at Chimborago Hopsital, Richmond, VA, on June 23, 1862, of peneumonia. He is a son of Peter Atus Whisenant and Mary Ann Wilson.

    W.T.T.A., page 401, Andrew Whisenhunt, (2nd person from bottom of page): He is a son of Ples Adam Whisenhunt Jr. and Nancy Ann Bell.

    W.T.T.A., page 405, John N. Whisenant, (4th person from bottom of page): He is a son of Peter Atus Whisenhunt.

    W.T.T.A., page 425, bottom photo: Remove the words "dau, of Ruby" from the line "Frances Gail Puckett", and replace it with "2019". Remove the words "son of Ruby" from the line "James Keith Puckett", and replace it with "1353,ii".

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