Family Crest

[Town Crest]

Do we have a family crest?

I've found several Visinand families in Switzerland with a family coat-of-arms. From what I understand, at least one of those coats-of-arms has been registered in Switzerland fairly recently, like this century. Unfortunately, I have not been able to connect any coat-of-arms with our direct line Visinand ancestors.

The double crest you see here represents the towns in Germany and Switzerland where our ancestors lived. It seems to be fairly common in Germany and Switzerland for towns to have town crests. The crest on the right is for Edenkoben, Germany, and the left one is for Maracon, Switzerland. (Maracon is pronounced with a silent n.) The design you see here was put together by Phillip Gary Whisnant for the 1992 Family Gathering in Conway, Arkansas. This crest combination did not exist prior to that event. Gary passed away in 2010.