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This site was scheduled to shut down on July 4, 2018. I had ended my personal funding of the site at that time. Thanks to the donors listed below, this site will continue to operate until April 4, 2021. If you are interested in helping to fund this site I have made it possible. I currently pay $228.36 per year for web hosting. If I get enough funds to continue the web hosting after the year 2021 I will do so. Please keep in mind though I am still retired from genealogy research and will not be making any updates to this site in the future. Donating does not assure you continued use of the web site, or ownership of the data therein. I still retain the right to close the site at any time. Your donation will be acknowledged by your name being listed as a donor. If you do not want your name listed please let me know.

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[UPDATE: 09/15/2021] The last round of donation to keep the site going were generously given by 11 individuals. Their names are listed below. The total amount given was $650. This is enough to keep the site up for 2 more years. It's never to late to help out.

-- Donors keeping this site going beyond Apr 2021. --

  • Janet Whisnant Lingafelt - In memory of my father James Daniel Whisnant, Sr. and my brother Tommy Dean Whisnant. (Thanks to a generous donation from Janet, you'll be able to enjoy this website for another year.)

  • Adam Whisnant - Son of Glen and Joyce Whisnant.

  • Allen Whisenand

  • Teresa Lambert

  • Scott Whisnant

  • Sylvia Hanna

  • Amy Powell - great-great granddaughter of Henrietta E. Whisnant.

  • Barbara Franklin

  • Renee Hamilton

  • Blake Whisenant - Grandson of Morris Lee Whisenant.

  • David Whisnant

-- Donors keeping this site going until Apr 2021. --

  • Elizabeth W. Schmitz - In memory of her grandparents Joseph & Ida Whisnant

  • Patricia Tackett - In memory of Samson (BGF #22119) 2002-2015: "If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever." -Winnie the Pooh

  • Allen Whisenand

  • Jeff & Marena Morton - In memory of Zalia Gussie Whisonant Doares

  • Jess Whisnand

  • Mary Young

  • Mitzi Benfield

  • Teresa Lambert

  • William Whisnant

  • John Singleton - Grandson of Mary Ellen Whisenant

  • William Whisnant - In Memory of Adam G. Whisnant jr.

  • James Bennett Maye - Son of Dorothy Whisenant Maye Webb & Joseph B. Maye

  • Ashley Gail Whitlock Burns

  • Sylvia Hanna